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April 20, 2021

12:00 PM Central

A recording is available here.

Watson NLP Library
In this session, Sukriti Sharma from IBM will be presenting some of IBM’s best NLP technologies productionized and available in a Python embeddable library. ‘Watson NLP’ is IBM’s standard NLP library, with a wide range of features with pre-trained models and support for custom training; cross-lingually stable across several languages (30+) ; powering 10+ IBM products, supporting both high quality and high runtime performance use cases and containing innovations from IBM research and other IBM products. Sukriti will provide a broad overview of WatsonNLP and deeper insights on entity extraction, text classification, and topic modeling.

Sukriti Sharma is a ML engineer at IBM, currently managing the team building a Python embeddable standard NLP library for internal company products. Since joining IBM in 2017, her focus has been on experimenting with different NLP algorithms- particularly for entity extraction; model evaluation, analysis and data collection; building scalable machine learning solutions and productionizing NLP. She has a master’s degree in Computer science from North Carolina State university, with a specialization in data science. In her free time she enjoys dancing and art; she is part of a performing dance company in Denver.