Data Curation for Discovery 


Improving the discovery of NASA Earth science data and promoting its use through interagency collaboration

The Data Curation for Discovery (DCD) project encompasses the following key focus areas:

Incorporating NASA data into workflows outside of NASA

The DCD project assists other agencies in the incorporation of NASA Earth observation data into their research efforts. For example, DCD promotes the use of NASA Earth science data within various platforms and assists other agencies with their data needs.

Improving discoverability of NASA data used in trusted platforms

The DCD project improves the discoverability of NASA Earth science data and other curated Earth observation data in trusted catalogs and platforms, such as and

Understanding the Earth observation needs of other federal agencies

The DCD project assists agencies with expressed data needs or identified barriers to data use. For example, the team creates an agency needs profile captured via responses to the federal-civil satellite needs survey conducted by the USGEO Satellite Needs Working Group (SNWG). DCD is a resource for these agencies to find and use NASA data.


In 2019, the DCD team successfully launched the Resilience Community website on The Resilience Community is an interactive web portal promoting the geospatial data collection from the climate portion of

The DCD team also developed a promotional graphic for the Resilience Community.

Presentations and Publications

Poster presented at the 2019 Marshall Space Flight Center Poster Expo to Celebrate Science, Tech, Engineering

The DCD team is composed of individuals with backgrounds in Earth system science and data science. Team members focus on promoting the appropriate use and attribution of NASA Earth science data with external repositories and data catalogs.