Catalog of Archived Suborbital Earth Science Investigations


A Discovery Catalog of NASA Airborne and Field Campaigns

CASEI delivers the following benefits:

Interface for Airborne and Field Data Discovery

The web-based Catalog of Archived Suborbital Earth Science Investigations (CASEI) [pronounced “kay see”], was developed by IMPACT’s Airborne Data Management Group (ADMG). CASEI is a unique inventory that provides intensively curated information about the context, research motivation, funding, and details of NASA’s non-satellite instruments. Its user interface provides efficient access to detailed information about NASA’s airborne and field investigations along with links to their associated data products.

Enhanced Metadata Curation

CASEI metadata curation efforts revolve around locating and recording valuable information on airborne and field investigations. This curation includes tracking when/where the campaign occurred, who was involved, and even notating the more active time periods in the data, an entity we’ve termed ‘significant events’. The level of detail achieved in this curation helps users spend less time and effort locating the correct information.

Data Discoverability and Accessibility

CASEI provides a streamlined search and discovery interface for exploring NASA’s airborne and field campaign observations, with a trove of key contextual information critical for the interpretation and use of the data. Airborne enthusiasts can use CASEI to locate valuable information such as the types of instrument payloads on their favorite aircraft, and researchers can find the dates and events provided by key observations that address the scientific goals of their projects. Chemists and public health researchers can be directed to campaigns involving air chemistry and air quality observations relevant to their interests. Likewise, marine biologists and those in the biogeochemistry communities can locate NASA observations helpful for furthering our understanding of the dynamic interactions between the ocean, land, and atmosphere.

Tools and Portals

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