Analysis and Review of CMR 


Improving the discoverability and accessibility of NASA’s Earth science data

The Analysis and Review of CMR delivers the following benefits:

Detailed quality assessments of all NASA metadata records in the CMR

NASA’s collection in the CMR is currently comprised of approximately 7,000 datasets (or collections). Each collection metadata record, as well as one randomly selected file level metadata record (or granule) per collection, are assessed for quality against a set of quality criteria. These assessments are conducted via a combination of automated and manual methods.

Develop a metadata quality framework

ARC has developed a metadata quality framework to systematically assess metadata records. This framework identifies quality criteria which helps ensure consistent reporting, and also provides transparency of the assessment process to the DAACs. This framework is documented in the Earthdata wiki, and provides a baseline from which to generate quantitative metadata quality metrics to demonstrate DAAC improvements.

Collaboration and communication

The ARC team has established a collaborative approach for improving metadata quality and contributing to the broader MQ community by:

  • • collaborating with DAAC metadata curators through the metadata curation dashboard;
  • • improving metadata documentation, in collaboration with the CMR team, to make metadata curation easier;
  • • sharing relevant code, including automated quality checks; and
  • • reporting lessons learned to both NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project and the broader community.

Program details


NASA recognition

The ARC Team was recently awarded the Group Achievement Honor Award at the 2019 Marshall Space Flight Center Honor Award Ceremony.

Presentations and Publications

ARC is in the process of writing a paper describing the metadata quality framework developed for the project with plans to submit the paper to Data Science Journal for peer review in early 2021.

Recent presentations:

The ARC Team is comprised of Earth science data specialists with backgrounds in Earth systems and atmospheric sciences, geography, and GIS/remote sensing; many with prior experience utilizing NASA Earth science data for research and applications.