Expanding Earth Observation Use Through Innovation, Partnerships, and Technology
Interagency Implementation and Advanced Concepts Team (IMPACT)

Earth observations are a key component facilitating scientific progress. We prototype the latest technologies to support new science and applications from Earth observation data.

Foster Innovation

Complex problems often require conceptualization of creative new solutions. We work to improve existing processes and develop best practices that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of existing Earth science data management and stewardship.



Build Strategic Connections

We help to bring NASA Earth observations and data products to other agencies via services, tools, and software. Our efforts broaden Earth Science data use, allowing non-NASA use of NASA data.



Enable Early Technology Adoption

Applying new technology includes both benefits and risks. We rapidly prototype and test the feasibility of the latest technical and management concepts in order to mitigate organizational risk. New capabilities are developed, proven, and then infused across the Earth Science Data System program.


IMPACT empowers communities to effectively utilize the ever increasing amounts of Earth observation data to improve research, applications, and decision making.

IMPACT Project Portfolio

IMPACT supports science research and applications by integrating people, processes, data, and technology.


IMPACT is an interdisciplinary team working to further NASA’s Earth Science Data System (ESDS) Program goals. More about IMPACT’s programmatic focus is available on the Earth Science Data Systems web page.

Read about key 2020 accomplishments in our FY20 Newsletter.

IMPACT formulates new, more efficient approaches to data handling and stewardship.

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